CAIP-2 and CAIP-10 Stacks specification

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As part of the grant Stacks Foundation (adding stacks to ceramic), we had to write the CAIP-2 and CAIP-10 specifications for Stacks.

A pull request to the ChainAgnostic namespaces repo has been created. Please let me know if you have any feedback.

Pull request :point_down:
feat: add stacks specification CAIP-2 and CAIP-10 by pradel 路 Pull Request #27 路 ChainAgnostic/namespaces 路 GitHub



Great work.
@everybody please review and react on the pull request

Unfortunately, app chains are not well supported by CAIP-2 because the specification only allows 1 chain id, while app chains are defined by the app chain id and the parent chain id. (See Appchains 路 GitHub)

Would that be the same for hyper chains?


Out of curiosity, what is this in non-developer (normie language)? And how does this benefit end users?

Chain Agnostic is an effort to provide standards for tools that can work for any blockchain, like WalletConnect or Ceramic. These protocols mainly require to understand what an 鈥渁ddress鈥 is on each blockchain.


I left some comments.


Amazing. Thanks for kicking this off @leopradel

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What鈥檚 about appchains built with other chain consensus, and models that want to integrate with stacks