📣 CAB's Stacks 2.1 review (SIP-015) - All 3 CABs approved

:loudspeaker: Dear all Stacks community

As part of the Stacks Improvement Proposal (SIP) process SIP-000, over the past two weeks the 3 activated Consideration Advisory Boards (CABs):

After much discussion in their own group, SIP-015 PR and Stacks Forum, they have all come to their final decisions according to their own bylaws set.

:white_check_mark: *All 3 CABs have given their approval.

  • It is the first year we’ve implemented the CAB approval process so comprehensively, introducing such wide range of voices into the SIP process in order to allow Stacks blockchain improvement process have greater transparency, more decentralized decision-making, more eye balls on such impactful breaking changes.

  • Lots of learning from this time round will be going into next big SIP review in 2023. If you feel something from the SIP process need to be better please feel free to voice. We’ll continuously make it better.

:ballot_box: What next? Having the CAB’s approval is not the end of the approval process, we still have gain strong majority support from the wider via community wide via 2.1 voting :raising_hand_man: :raising_hand_woman:(more info about voting to be released shortly). That’s the next item on the list for the whole of Stacks community, in the meantime the core developers are gearing up to that by finishing off the code base and doing testing.

Very grateful for all contributors who chimed in all across Stacks in this part of the SIP review process. And of course thanks to the core devs for getting us this far to have the codes for people to review.
Thank y’all! kindly!

Onward and upward!


:tada: :tada: :tada:

Thank you to everyone who helped write this SIP and refine it into something that the community will appreciate :slight_smile: Well done everyone!