Building Huddle: Decentralized Social Groups

Hello Blockstackers!

Our team is developing a fresh dApp on Blockstack called Huddle. We are launching on Product Hunt next week, so make sure to visit the link at the end of this post to stay updated!

Huddle is a platform for decentralized social groups, reaching far beyond the confines of Facebook Groups. Like you, we’ve used current social media platforms to keep us connected. They’ve been great places to interact with our friends and share our ideas too. We started to question: why do we have to sacrifice privacy or quality to do this? Newsflash: we don’t! The Huddle team is putting a new spin on social media after identifying the importance of these things:

  • Privacy: Centralized entities, like Facebook, have shown a clear disregard for responsible and ethical data management along with censor-free tactics.
  • Niche communities: The desire for compatibility and similarity creates a desire to interact with and learn from like-minded individuals, leading to a more organized experience that sorts through the “noise.”
  • User experience: We believe the adoption of blockchain-powered applications relies on a sound user experience and fluid user interface.
  • Identity management - Effective profile and identity management across a new internet is possible using the foundation of Blockstack.
  • Credibility: Misinformation is taking the online world by storm, so we’ve made the credibility issue a major focus of our social platform.

Phew, I know that was a mouthful! You probably thought halfway though - is this a Ted Talk? Jokes aside, I hope I provided some insight on what we’re building. Here’s a rough wireframe sneak peek that doesn’t even have the iPhone notch elements. It’s just mean to help you visualize!

I will make sure to update this thread with launch and feature updates. As always, we welcome feedback and conversation if you’d like to provide input or chat more! Thank you so much for your support :smile:

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How will you ensure “credibility” while maintaining that this is a “group” or “community” based application? There are quite a few examples of companies and organizations doing this (like facebook, google, twitter, and reddit) and it can be seen as overreach and distasteful in a democratic/“power-to-the-people” world.

Regardless it is exciting to see more apps be created on the platform, as I eagerly await the rise of a successful/accessible social media within this ecosystem =)

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Thanks so much for your question! Our current credibility model is completely community-driven. You’ll have the option to “verify” each post, if applicable. There will be a heads-up display on each post showcasing how the community has voted. This rating can then be used by other community members to gauge the credibility of the content. Additionally, for posts where it is applicable, there will be an “add source” option which I believe has been missing as an official social media feature for too long. I hope I answered your question! If you have any others, please don’t hesitate to reach out :slight_smile:


Hi @qwoods99 I did download Huddle from the Apple App store but it doesn’t yet have Blockstack authentication. Is that what y’all are planning on adding?

Hey there, that isn’t us! We are launching a PWA very soon, but have yet to come out with our mobile app line yet. If you’d like to see that we are a different venture, please visit our website: