Bug With Accessing Another User's Data

I have two separate browsers (Chrome and Brave) each signed into a different Blockstack ID. seanwaye.id.blockstack and seanwaye2.id.blockstack. I can put files into Gaia on seanwaye.id.blockstack with

userSession.putFile('test.json', JSON.stringify(somejson), { encrypt: false, sign: true })

and access the file still from seanwaye.id.blockstack with

userSession.getFile('test.json', { decrypt: false, verify: true})

I can even provide the id of my own account and still get the file

userSession.getFile('test.json', { decrypt: false, verify: true, username: 

but when I try the exact same thing on seanwaye2.id.blockstack I can put the file successfully, read the file successfully if I no not provide a username, but once I provide my own username on seanwaye2.id.blockstack I receive

TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of null

From seanwaye2.id.blockstack I can read everything that seanwaye.id.blockstack posts by providing a username. From the same account I can also see my own posts as long as I don’t provide a username.

From seanwaye.id.blockstack I cannot see anything that seanwaye2.id.blockstack posts. I can load the profile but not access any of the files, still receiving

TypeError: Cannot read property 'match' of null

Additionally from this account I can see my own posts regardless of whether or not I provide my own username or not.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Im not sure how to change this behaviour, it definitely seems like a bug. I am developing on localhost:3000 if anyone could help by looking at Gaia. I am fairly new to how Blockstack/Gaia work. Thanks

You you verify that you have a localhost:3000 entry in your public profile for seanwaye2.id.blockstack

It looks like you have not. Try to signout and signin again.