Bug Report: Registering for an ID wiped my existing info

Tldr: After registering my ID, all of my profile info disappeared.

I installed Blockstack locally on my mac, using chrome, and went through the creating a profile process and authenticated the profile with a Gist, and added my name and a bio line.

Then I began the process of registering an id (wyatt.id) and transferred the requested btc into my blockstack wallet . (I will note here that I thought I had finished the registration, but somehow did not. The UI was unclear.) When I noticed that I had not completed the registration, I went in and did it again. After I successfully completed the registration, all of my pre-existing profile data (name, gist authentication, bio line) disappeared.

Additionally, the amounts removed from my wallet after the registration don’t line up with what was mentioned when I registered. It requested at least ~.0015, and then after the registration it dropped to .001085 last night, but now when I look at it today, it is at .001001

Hi @wyatt,

It looks like wyatt.id has been registered successfully (https://explorer.blockstack.org/name/wyatt.id), but your original profile data were overwritten. You can see the profile your browser wrote here, which looks like a default “blank” profile:


This is a temporary issue where the local blockstack client caused the browser to be unable to render your profile. It tried to save a change to your profile, but was rendering a “blank” profile at that point, and overwrote the old one. This is a known issue the devs are working on resolving in the next build.

I’d recommend verifying your social profiles/saving your profile information again. To avoid your profile being overwritten, you might want to wait for the new release before restoring your keychain. As mentioned, the client should be much more stable in the next build.

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