BTC withdrawal with Stacks Wallet 3.1

When originally conceiving the Stacks Wallet, we included the ability for users to deposit small amounts of BTC for the sole purpose of paying for transaction fees on Stacks 1.0.

We assumed that providing a way to transfer BTC back out of the Stacks Wallet would serve little purpose given the relatively small amounts of BTC needed to pay for transactions under normal circumstances.

However, we’ve seen that users do often ended up depositing larger amounts of BTC into the wallet in an attempt to cover larger and more variable transaction fees, which they’ve often had to guess ahead of time. As a result, more users than expected have ended up with BTC balances that are indeed worth recuperating but without the option to do so.

To assist these users, we’ve updated the Stacks Wallet with a new feature that empowers them to enter a BTC address and withdraw all of their BTC in a single transaction. If you’ve previously transferred BTC into the Stacks Wallet, you can now get it out!

Download the latest version of the Stacks Wallet (v3.1.0)

For extra security, you can verify the hash of your download by following these instructions.

We recommend that you conduct any STX transactions that require the payment of fees in BTC before withdrawing your BTC, to avoid having to deposit BTC again.

As we head towards the launch of Stacks 2.0, we’re preparing to drop the requirement of BTC for transaction fee payments entirely. In fact, we’ve already released a new wallet for testnet-based debugging that operates solely with STX.

While we plan to release that new wallet officially alongside mainnet of Stacks 2.0, you’ll always be able to use today’s 3.1.0 release to withdraw your BTC, either before or after the arrival of Stacks 2.0.


HODLers are going to love this. No Sats left behind! Awesome!

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I have installed version 4.1.0 of the Stacks wallet. Was this feature removed? I don’t even see my BTC balance anywhere. Is there no longer a way to withdraw our BTC?

This feature remains only in the 3.1.1 version of the wallet, which can be reinstalled following these instructions:

We’re also preparing an alternative method for withdrawing BTC without having to reinstall the old wallet, which we’ll post to the above URL soon. So if you don’t want to overwrite your v4.1.0 install, I’d recommend waiting a bit. I’ll post a notice here when that method is available.

Thanks! I’ll wait for that to come out.

The instructions are now available here!

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