BTC wallet balance

How do you access any BTC in the new wallet that was required to cover fees in the old wallet?

In the new version, no BTC is required to send stx (only stx). In principle, it should be possible to withdraw the remaining btc using the wallet versions 3.1.0 or 3.1.1 This process fails for me.

Correct, @Byrdman you should be able to withdraw BTC via an earlier version of the wallet as outlined here: How can I withdraw the BTC I've deposited into the Stacks Wallet v3.x?

@blacklotus are you in touch with the Hiro team on this issue already, or would you be able to share more details so that we can help? EDIT: I see you’ve posted on the forum already, will respond there!

Many thanks!

@Gina So far, I did not contact anybody regarding my BTC withdrawal issue (apart from my post), but it crossed my mind that I should try with a Nano S instead of a Nano X. If this does not work and I do not get helpful responses on my thread, then I will definitively contact the Hiro team. Thanks a lot.

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