BTC to Stacks bridge on Alex

Hey there, initiated a bridge transaction from BTC to STX. Bitcoin mempool shows transaction confirmed, but no STX coins arrived in Leather wallet. Tried to find receiving address in the Stacks Explorer and got “No principal found with address…”. Any advice on where to look next? Thanks to all.

PostScript: Just noticed (at bottom of Alex Swap page) that estimated time to unwrap is 18:24, and its still only 17:56 here, so maybe just a matter of time…

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When an address has no history the search indexer for the explorer won’t show it yet. Sometimes you can still visit the address by replacing the address in this (standard) link:

I expect you’ll see no STX balance because if there was history the search, on the explorer, would show the address already.

Please get in touch with the bridge provider directly for matters like these.


Thanks for that. Ended up receiving aBTC; so it bridged but didn’t swap to STX.

Ah, I am not sure if you already saw but these “routed swaps” can sometimes fail the second part of the swap due to slippage exceeding your settings if the price changed to much.

You can still finish the second part of the swap by using a sponsored transaction, you pay the network fee with aBTC instead.