BTC Rewards Over Time?

Hey guys! I discovered STX a couple weeks ago and absolutely love the project.

Twi quick questions -
Currently the BTC rewards are 10%+

However, what would they be if let’s say… market cap of STX hits 20B, 50B, 200B+?
Essentially what I’m asking is, what is the lowest APY that the BTC reward can get? Is there a theoretical lower limit?

Also would new projects built on top of STX have a similar economic model?
Meaning - The new protocol we’d stack with them and earn STX rewards and they burn STX

The theoretical limit is 0, you can get it already today. It all depends on the miners and how much BTC they send to mine blocks.

The same can happen if you build on top of it and send STX to mine YOURTOKEN.

I see. So theoretically, the interest rate can rise if the $ of STX out paces BTC?