BTC Disappeared from Wallet

I reset my browser and restored an ID. But when I did this the BTC I had on that ID are no longer showing. I verified on Blockstack Explorer that the address still has BTC on it:

But when I go to my wallet it’s showing up empty.

I do have the most current version 0.29.1 of the Blockstack browser installed.

UPDATE: I was able to transfer most of the BTC out of my Blockstack wallet by using an older version of the browser (version 0.28), but I think it’s an issue worth looking into if the newest version of the browser isn’t transferring over BTC even if it’s actually in the account. I opened up an issue on Github with the details.

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Hey @Kitsana,

Thanks for opening the issue! If you ever get stuck and the Browser doesn’t work, you can always extract the Bitcoin private key from your 12-word phrase using the make_keychain command from the CLI.

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For sure! I was more thinking that it might have been a bug or something with the new browser update. But my wallet now, with the most current browser, does reflect the right total.

I’m sorry, but could you walk me through the procedure in detail.
I have the same issue and would like to give this a try

Sure. But before I write out the procedures please confirm that your Blockstack account has the “12 word mnemonic phrase” associated with it. If so, you’ll be able to use the still experimental CLI to get your BTC out of the wallet.

Additionally, if you have a computer with the older version of Blockstack installed you might be able to retrieve the BTC that way. This is what I did, but you can also use the CLI method, too.