this is the channel for the browser

can not integrate blockstack with onename

please help me

Ruben, I reached out to you via [email protected]. Please feel free to respond there and I’d be happy to help.

The Computer Keyboard Is Dead And I’m The One That Killed It !

The Old Format for a long time had little to no change since the 80’s ! Why ? If put the evolution of the cell phone and the console game controller we would have seen a drastic improvments in the computer keyboard layout since ! But no ! All we get is a 8 to15 percent change in format ! That cheap plastic board is dead ! The computer keyboard or CKB for short is dead !

hello, all. I’m excited to create something on Blockstack. Anyone have any new apps to recommend?

Hi ppl,

Just brand new here, and m lost :confused: How do I get out of the forums to the list of the other apps?


Hi All

loving blockstack for some time now

where should I post issues experienced when setting up the blockstack browser?



Dear Administrator,

I am contacting you from a PR agency which is in charge of promoting a blockchain competition organized by the European institutions and the European Commission. The contest will take place in Brussels next 22-25 June in Brussels with the objective of creating a blockchain solution to fight against counterfeit. The prize for the winners is €100,000 (over $122,000).

We think Blockstack Forum is one of the best forums to communicate this event. For that reason, and avoiding to be considered as spammers, we want to know if we can promote the event in the forum.

You can find information about the event in the next link:

Thank you very much for your attention,
Víctor Manuel



is there a mobile version of blockstack?