Browser development diary

Over the holidays, I finished up initial support for self-hosting your Blockstack ID profile and assets on Dropbox.

and photo upload

Data is stored on Dropbox in a Blockstack-specific folder. The photos and profile are stored in a separate subfolder for each fully-qualified Blockstack name.

Photo upload support for the hosting provided by Blockstack Inc. is disabled until we have an updated API endpoint.

Self-hosting on S3 is also on hold as our previous support wasn’t designed to work in browser.

I’ve also temporarily disabled profile hosting on Dropbox until we add the ability to update zonefiles.

As part of this, I reorganized the self-hosting storage system to make it more modular. Add additional cloud services should be fast and painless.

For more details, check out the pull request:

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So excited about this! Getting closer to making self-hosted data easy and simple!

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