Brainstorming: Speeding Up TX's (& Boosting the Cost-of-Attack)

My fourth and final SIP will be posted here. It is not ready yet but I am creating a thread for it now.

I am working on a proposal that should massively speed up transaction confirmations (from 15 minutes on average to about 5 seconds on average) and at the same time increase miner decentralization and increase the “cost of attack” of the network, each of which are being discussed in their own SIP threads on this forum.

This proposal is a bigger proposed change than the others but I believe it will be worth it given the massive advantages.

It should not be taken lightly, so I will present it gently and see how the community responds.

I realize I am teasing a bit here but I just wanted to post this to let everyone know that I am working on writing this up and sharing the details soon.


This is going to be a big one. Exciting myself just thinking about it.

Enlisting some help to make it even more awesome. If anyone is particularly adept at contributing to protocol design and technical writing, feel free to reach out.

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In a bid to reduce confusion, I have renamed this forum thread to Brainstorming: Speeding Up TX’s (& Boosting the Cost-of-Attack). This forum thread is not (yet) a SIP, so we should not be treating it as such.

ok sounds good

Have you talked to Jeff and Hank at Mechanism?

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@jeffd @hank you interested?

@diwaker thanks for reaching out, excited to collab :slight_smile:

Intriguing, excited to dive in :pray: