Brainstorming Discourse Passcard Integration

Continuing the discussion from Login with Passcard:

To get the ball rolling:

Off the top of my head, three things I’d like to see:

  1. login with passcard
  2. sync avatar, cover, pic, etc with discourse
  3. process for migrating existing communities

Login with passcard

It looks like discourse has a mechanism for SSO and also supports Omniauth authentication strategies.

If someone built a Omniauth strategy for Passcard, that would make Passcard login available to many rack based applications including discourse.

Syncing profile data

Discourse SSO has a option to pass an avatar URL at sign on, which overrides the local user’s avatar. Not sure if this is available using Omniauth strategies for login.

Existing communities

Should discourse username and passcard passname have to be the same for communities using login with passcard?