Bought a particular ID name (without blockstack namespace) but it did not appear in my profile

Dear Blockstack guru,

I bought a particular ID name (without blockstack namespace). Transaction was successful and my BTC has been reduced. The ID name appeared in my profile and there is an icon saying that particular ID name is under registration (1 hour). I reset my browser and login again but this particular ID is gone :(. I checked the availability and it is still available. So now, it’s strange why the ID is still available? N also how about my BTC that has been taken but I don’t get this ID? Thanks

Depending on how fast the Bitcoin chain is going, it can take as many as two hours, since two transactions will be sent to register a name (one to commit to the name’s hash, and one to reveal to the name itself). Let us know if it doesn’t appear by tomorrow?

Noted, thank you Jude for your prompt reply!