Book of Life - Blockchain Registry for Vehicles

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Wow! That’s really cool! I was just thinking about something like that the other day when I was getting my vehicle license renewed. I (try) to keep a record of every service and fill up for my Vespa as I’m scootering around Hong Kong. Since the data is in a spreadsheet, a future buyer can’t trust that I didn’t fake it.

Imagine if each time I filled up or had the vehicle serviced, both I and the mechanic would sign the transaction with our Blockchain IDs and snapshot a record of it to the blockchain.

Adoption of something like this could take a lot of the uncertainty out of used vehicle purchases.

@cryptowanderer, can you share more details about your Book of Life project?

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Hi Larry!

Thanks for the interest. I do need to be careful about how much I say - but basically we are working with Eris to use a permissioned blockchain for a company in South Africa to be used initially as a valuation engine internally.

This is Phase 1, POC stuff. If we can build it and do it right (the company has a great number of very valuable data sources that we can use) then we can think about moving it into a more public space, and one which is capable of handling the sort of transactions you mention.

This would be Phase 2, using smart contracts fully and using the blockchain as a ‘vehicle’ to process incumberances etc.

Phase 3 would include an invitation to the SA govt. to kill eNatus (their current, decrepit, very broken) system and porting across to ours.

Very happy to discuss what I can here though, as I am all about decentralization and transparency - just have to build it this way first to prove the concept.


Also, we are looking for talented and experienced developers used to working with blockchains.

This is not a job listing, as we may still choose to manage it internally and skill-up the developers the company employs already, but anyone interested - I’d love to hear about it :smile:

@cryptowanderer, very cool project. How long have you been working on it. Definitely could see every vehicle having a blockchain ID. What type of data are you guys storing for each vehicle? Are you based in SA?

We are right there at the birth of the VIN with NAAMSA - so we are attempting to replace the M&M codes used by Trade Union with a more granular evaluation engine.

Also have a smartphone app that scans the vehicle licence and driver’s licence which gives us all sorts of info, right down to who was driving when and where, along with insurance brokers, MBR’s, dealers and VFI. The whole shibang in other words.

Yes, I am. South Africa ftw :smile: