BNS questions and answers

Some q&a that recently raised:

  1. How can a namespace owner define the domain registration fee? Was it considered to have the option to delegate the task to a smart contract via a trait? If not, is this worth discussing?
    A: Most BNS behavior is preserved as part of the port, including this API. See and the namespace-reveal function in the BNS contract
  2. Can the namespace be populated by as many names as required using NAME_IMPORT?
    A: In theory, yes. See the name-import function in the BNS contract.
  3. Are there any plans to create a background service that resolves BNS names? That is to say, installable software that hooks into the system’s DNS chain so that the user’s machine can resolve BNS names like it would any other. (For example, entering “muneeb.stacks” in the browser will trigger a lookup and DNS-compliant response.)
  4. Is Blockstack/Hiro building a JavaScript (or other) library to interface with the BNS contract and/or BNS API endpoints?

cc @diwaker would be able to comment on questions 3 and 4 above? :pray:

No firm plans at PBC that I’m aware of.

Yes, there will be support for BNS in stacks.js cc/ @yukan

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Thanks Diwaker!

Hi @diwaker, I appreciate the responses. A resolver is a stretch goal for @Gina and I but we will revisit it at a later time. I would love to see how BNS support in stacks.js will work.