BNS & Nakamoto Upgrade

Hi all,

I’m not sure exactly if/where this is being discussed but I think it’s important for it to be mentioned on the open forum (if it hasn’t already).

With the upcoming Nakamoto upgrade, Stacks will produce blocks every 5 seconds. This increase will (as far as I’m aware) have a detrimental impact on BNS as BNS renewals are based on specific blocks within a 5 year period. This means that once the Nakamoto upgrade is live the majority of BNS names will need to be renewed just days afterwards, causing a lot of panic and stress to the community (especially the .id holders!).

So we have a bit of a predicament on our hands and some questions need to be answered:

  1. How do we prevent this from happening, is there a way to prevent this? And,
  2. Is the only cure deploying BNS V2 asap as BNS Core can’t be upgraded?
  3. Any other solutions?

Please discuss/contribute below, I think we need to find a solution to this asap!


Hey Snazzy, thanks for bringing this up. It was covered by Hank in the last BNS working group call. A discussion is happening in the Stacks Core channel on Discord and also here: `block-height` in Nakamoto · Issue #3943 · stacks-network/stacks-blockchain · GitHub

Though I do think we should discuss further and hear more from @hank :slightly_smiling_face:


Brill thank you for the update & link Gina!

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Pasting something I put in the BNS dao discord:

There are two potential outcomes:

  • the block-height variable is changed, which means names expire much much faster. the solution is some form of an upgrade of the BNS contract. it’s possible that a minimal “stopgap” fix is best in the short term, but likely doing a full and proper upgrade is the best decision
  • the variable is not changed, so we’re fine

there are definitely lots of solutions in the case that block-height is changed. i can say for certain that, no matter what, people won’t lose their names. even in the case that Nakamoto ships before a BNS upgrade is ready, we can build the upgrade in a way that disregards any expirations after Nakamoto


Super thanks for this Hank!



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