BNS Nakamoto Upgrade Working Group - Draft

Below is a draft working group proposal presented for feedback and discussion:

:wave: Introduction:

The BNS smart contract on Stacks is the oldest name system in continuous use in crypto, originally starting on Namecoin before migrating to Bitcoin L1 and then to the Stacks Bitcoin L2. There are names in this contract that have been in continuous use by the same owners since 2014.

:dart: Objective & Scope:

  • The upcoming Stacks Nakamoto provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade the BNS smart contract to fix bugs

:package: Deliverables:

  • A list of things that might break in the Nakamoto release
  • One or more BNS 2.0 contracts deployed on testnet for community consideration.

:date: Timeline

Ideally we should have a new contract that can be shipped with the Nakamoto release. What do we think is reasonable here?

:crown: Lead

Who would like to lead this group? It wouldn’t require writing code, but more of project management/admin of prodding members of the group to deliver.

:handshake: Team

We need people in the following roles:

  • Writing code - smart contracts and supporting tools
  • Testing
  • Security reviews - perhaps a Stacks foundation grant could be applied for for this?
  • Partnership/BD - working with existing ecosystem partners to support the new contract

:speaking_head: Meeting schedule and format:

Given the tight deadline, I would suggest a weekly meeting around 14:00 UTC, Monday, Tuesday, Wednseday or Thursday so that all interested from Asia, Europe and Americas can attend.

Something that allows for easy recording and meeting transcripts.

:writing_hand: Additional Context:

What additional context do we need?

Sounds great, would be happy to help on the partnership and BD front as part of the BD working group I’m in :slight_smile:

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Will be glad to help with testing

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Saw this today, cool feature: Polygon Labs reveals updated web3 identification service