BNS and monetization ideas for an app

Hi all,

I’m building a crowdfunding (think of Kickstarter’s decentralized version) app using Blockstack. I am currently going to start on the publishing part of the project, so I wanted to validate if my ideas are flowing in the right direction. While thinking about how I could monetize (I want to think beyond app mining) this app I came up with this idea, where project creators would be able to publish projects in 2 different ways:

  1. “Privately” publish a project:
    Each project would have its own unique URL, but GUID based, and I would register those projects as Blockstack subdomains, and reflect it on the app domain also. So I would have something like as the URL for such projects, registered as a a subdomain on BNS also.

  2. Publicly publish a project:
    A project would have a human-friendly unique URL, that would be reflected both on DNS and BNS. So you’d have something like and my-awesome-project.crowdfunding on the BNS, supposing I had published the namespace.

The advantages of a public project would be around discoverability and trust. Let’s say the app does have a large community around it. By having your project published publicly, one could more easily be discovered. Also, when registering the project as a name on BNS, we would persist the hash related to the content of the project with the register name blockchain transaction (is this possible? :thinking:. Updates would be allowed, but the original project would always be there, and if it would be changed, somehow the app would invalidate the project and maybe follow up with more actions (invalidate transactions, disallow contributions…). So this would work as a mechanism of building trust in the community. The monetization would come from name registers on the namespace published (until when would this be possible).

There is a lot yet to be discovered and I’m really looking forward to having something that can be tested asap, but I’d first like to validate with the community if those ideas do make sense. If anyone would have any insights or other ideas around it, they are also going to be really welcomed.


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Glad to see someone else is interested in crowdfunding!

I like your ideas regarding private vs public publishing of Projects.

Have you heard of Cryptocracy? (previously known as Souq)

Cryptocracy is Democratized Crowdfunding app. We are taking a similar approach for Projects to be public discovered outside of the Cryptocracy app UI/UX.

How far along are you in your development of your app?

Would you be interested in joining or collaborating with a team already working on this?


This is what has to happen for every app. Cryptocracy is correct, focus on one great app. We have so many apps that do the same thing on blockstack.

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Hey, @cryptocracy!

Really good to know that there are others working on crowdfunding, indeed. I’m not that far along the project. The thing is that as a personal side-project, I’m exploring some technical stuff also and moving on my own pace.

So for now, I’m not interested in joining any other teams, but thanks a lot.