Blockstack x Hacktoberfest: Win additional prizing for participating

As some of you may already know, Hacktoberfest takes place this month. (For those who are unfamiliar, Hacktoberfest is a month-long event that rewards participants for contributing to open source projects.) As an open source project ourselves, we want the Stacks Community to take part in the open source ecosystem as much as possible, regardless of whether it’s through Stacks or another project.

To encourage folks to participate, we’ll be offering our own prizing! In addition to the typical Hacktoberfest prizing (a 2020 edition tee or tree planted on your behalf), we’ll be sending custom Stacks branded swag to all eligible participants.

In order to qualify, you must make four valid pull requests between October 1–31 (in any timezone) in any participating GitHub-hosted repositories/projects.

  • Check out Blockstack’s Hacktoberfest repos + good first issues:
Status Issue Language Experience Description
stacks-blockchain-api JavaScript
#262 Beginner Rename query parameter in specification
#227 Intermediate Expose non-fungible token identifier
#200 Intermediate Expose multi-signature transaction details
#248 Advanced Endpoint for asset exploration
#233 Advanced Websocket subscription for blocks
#206 Advanced Websocket subscription for mempool transactions
#216 Advanced Document client library methods inside the API specification
docs JavaScript
#774 Intermediate Fix spacing of navigation
#770 Intermediate Fix navigation bug
#823 Beginner Add docker instructions for nodes
stacks-transactions-js JavaScript
#51 Intermediate Add tests that include post conditions
#11 Advanced Implement signature verification
cli-blockstack JavaScript
#61 Intermediate Expose testnet status
#59 Intermediate Add faucet command and auto-execute on account creation
clarity-vscode YAML/JSON
#10 Beginner Document extension capabilitites
#9 Intermediate Fix indentation issues

Happy hacking, everyone!