Blockstack with graphene

It is great that blockstack is open source and I am really interested to contribute in it.
Is it possible to run Blockstack with graphene Blockchain? Or it is commited to some specific blockchain network? If it is committed than can you tell me which Blockchain networks?

As you can see here that currently only bitcoin is supported:

Thanks a lot @friedger!!!
Can you tell me, when blockstack has migrated from Namecoin to Bitcoin what are the changes you have made in the registry layer? I have to create that new network namespace or what is the procedure for registering ‘STACK’ in the DID?

DIDs are just identifiers. So, everybody can define them. If you look at your profile you should see the stack DID like here

Then it becomes interesting to resolve the did like here
Ideally, the document should be signed

Thank you @friedger.
But my question is
1)I want to run graphene network on Blockstack than how namespace will take place? in this scenario.
I have to use Graphene namespace or I can register any namespace on the blockstack platform.
I have to spend some crypto for namespace registering?

First of all, you have to implement support for graphene somewhere in here:
I don’t have the technical knowledge to help you here :slight_smile:

Yes, you have to spend some crypto for namespace registering. See for example for the amount in microstacks.

Thanks @friedger for your great help.
Suppose, I have to use ethereum network on blockstack than we have to use which namespace? I have to register new namespace on Ethereum or blockstack ? or I can use .eth namespace?
Thanks in advance.

Currently only namespaces with bitcoin are supported

But, still I have a little bit confusion. It means namespace has been registered on the bitcoin network. right? After only we can register name on the blockstack?