Blockstack Weekly Update - September 3-7

This is what we worked on at Blockstack PBC this past week. There are certain things e.g., legal matters or updates on internal infrastructure etc that we can’t make public for regulatory or security reasons. We’re trying our best to make as many updates publicly available as possible.

Would love to hear from the community about how we can further improve this process.



  • There was a Gaia outage last week: we published a forum post about it.

B lockstack Browser


Blockstack Android


  • Mary commented and wrote editorial on app mining review instructions, app registration.
  • Mary completed Shreyas comments and iOS tutorial


  • Mark set up project boards for data evangelists and editorial contributors to start accumulating content needs
  • Mark started outlining Q4 OKR candidates for and Gaia


  • Shreyas debugged developer auth issue
  • Further defined target consumer personae conversation based on initial Auth Browser personae outline
  • Extended our enterprise trial of and tried to perpetually use it without signing an expensive yearly contract. Also researched some alternatives.
  • Jeff ran 10 new onboarding sessions on
  • Jeff re-crunched our mixpanel funnel data and user testing data to make apples-to-apples comparison easier and faster and created several tickets to improve copy and design of our current onboarding.

Community + Events:

  • “Decentralizing the World Tour”

    • NYC Event: September 13 at 6:30pm. Purchase tickets here w/ code: BLOCKSTACKER
    • London Event: October 1. Event registration site to be launched this week.
  • Speaking Engagements + Blockstack Participation:

    • Oslo Freedom Forum: NYC - Sept 17 (Ryan, Patrick, Jeff, Jude, Liz, Afari and Graphite attending)
    • B2B Primary’s Summit: Ryan Shea to present. NYC - Oct. 3
    • SF Blockchain Week Event: Ryan Shea included in two panels, one with Naval Ravikant. SF - Oct. 8
    • DCG Founders Summit: Ryan Shea to present. CA - Oct. 15-17


  • Team discussed Gaia blogging strategy and App Mining marketing strategy




  • HQ IT + Networking contract signed. Parts ordered. Work date to come.
  • OKR Q4 meetings scheduled