Blockstack Weekly Update September 10-14

Blockstack Team Weekly Update September 10-14

This is what some of us at Blockstack PBC last week. There are certain things e.g., legal matters or updates on internal infrastructure etc that we can’t make public for regulatory or security reasons. We’re trying our best to make as many updates publicly available as possible.

Would love to hear from the community about how we can further improve this process.


  • Working on React Native module to expose Blockstack.js functions that can be easily imported in Javascript.
  • Blockstack.js profile functions in progress (extractProfile, wrapProfileToken, signProfileToken, verifyProfileToken, validateProofs).

Blockstack Core

  • Switch the RESTful API endpoint for querying name and account histories over to using pagination, instead of requesting block ranges. This is consistent with the API documentation, and is much more efficient in implementation.


  • Submitted scoped authentication token PR


  • Work-in-progress: better internal documentation for Gaia methods
  • Work-in-progress: the authenticator does not need to send the profile in an authResponse
  • Work-in-progress: fix a minor bug in querying accounts in regtest mode


  • First prototype of burner ID completed and reviewed
  • Work is proceeding on browser fork for the authenticator
  • Created a Figma mockup for a new onboarding approach we are calling “Exodus” and sent it to for initial test. Will revise and retest this week.


  • Speaking Engagements: The Oslo Freedom Forum - NYC - Sept 17 taking place today, Mon. Sept. 17 will feature Blockstack, Graphite and Afari in the International Expo.
  • Working on video edits so that the NYC video can be added to our YouTube channel w/ 8,000+ subscribers. Set up elements for the London event on October 1, i.e speaker list, promotion, filming, catering, on-site ticketing setup, etc.
  • Boston (Cambridge!) Meetup - Kicked off the Boston Meetup group with a talk (thanks Larry for slides!) Smallish crowd (~15 people) but was a very engaged audience.

Hiring/People Ops