Blockstack Weekly Update - August 27-31, 2018

This is what some of us at Blockstack PBC worked on during the week of 8/27-8/31

Product & Engineering

Subdomain Registrar

  • Aaron worked with Jude to deploy a new version of the subdomain registrar using a “list-pending-subdomains” endpoint.

Blockstack SDKs

Developer Happiness

  • Jude Accepted a few PRs to make Blockstack Core’s develop branch easier to process


  • Ken and Jeff worked on a potential new onboarding approach.
  • Jeff revised Figma UI mockups for onboarding to support several new onboarding ideas in the works.

  • Mark published redesign announcement on blog and pushed through Blockstack social media channels and completed proper retro of redesign release


  • Tour planning kickoff calls and coordination for meetups, Evangelist bi-weekly call
  • Mitchell supported the Hackathon in Vancouver


  • Monthly newsletter went out, kicked off SEO audit with a company
  • Mitchell updated welcome email template, worked with Evangelist to make an app demo and instructional (laid out a template for this)



A note here that there are certain things e.g., legal matters or updates on internal infrastructure etc that we can’t make public for regulatory or security reasons but we’re trying our best to make as many updates publicly available as possible. Would love to hear from the community about how we can further improve this process.

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