Blockstack vs Lisk

Hi all,

I’m a developer and interested in learning more about Blockstack. Whilst the difference with Ethereum is clear could someone say a few words regarding why a developer should use Blockstack over Lisk?

Further, if I understand correctly Blockstack intends on re-thinking the HTTP protocol. If this is correct what benefits would this have over the IPFS project which is already gaining momentum?

Interested to hear your thoughts.



This is a good question, i’m curious to see an answer too.

I’m not familiar with Lisk. A cursory look at their website reveals not a whole lot and they don’t link to any code. I would say one difference is that Blockstack is Open Source. Also they mention utilities for creating applications using sidechains.

Blockstack don’t use a sidechain (a separate chain attached to a main chain), instead we store state for the system directly in the underlying chain using a virtualchain. You can see the whitepaper for more details on this.

I think developers prefer to develop on OSS software, also we provide a fully functional platform that has been in production for 4 years.

We aren’t re-thinking HTTP, we are rethinking how applications are built on top of the existing protocols. If you look at the OSI network model we are primarily focused on the Application layer


Can anyone shed some light here?

Lisk is also open source. I just wanted to correct that but I have nothing else to add on this topic.