Blockstack vs DAT

How does blockstack compare with DAT ( )?

DAT also has a browser and the capability to build Dapps. though it does not seem to have a decentralized replacement for DNS like blockstack

DAT’s identity and storage solutions are very different. AFAIK, there is no built-in identity – each app has to build out its own. Its storage system is also radically different – each user has an ever-growing database log that contains hash pointers to replicated content (where routes are resolved by a DHT). They need their own browser in part because DAT apps need native integration with their wire protocol.

Blockstack takes a complementary approach of giving each user their own identity and storage in a way that makes them accessible via the traditional Web, and by relying on a single ever-growing database log (a blockchain) instead of many personal ones. We’re trying to provide an end-to-end user and developer experience closer to conventional Web apps (to minimize friction), but where you are the sole owner of your identity and app data.

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