Blockstack Testnet Issue

Sorry to bother you, I have a question about the Blockstack Official Testnet.
Lately, official testnet crashed several times.
I don’t know if I made it. i deploy two bitcoin nodes which want to connect the testnet bitcoin node’s p2p port []. But I found that the ips of my bitcoin nodes ( and has been frozen.I guess this may be the cause of the test network crash.
If so, can you tell me where I did it wrong.How can I deploy a bitcoin node that join blockstack testnet correctly.
Looking forward to reply! Thx!

Sorry, the frozen ips above are wrong. Actually, they are and

You don’t need to add your own Bitcoin nodes. Just a Blockstack node will be fine. In fact, I think this is what’s causing it to break – you’re reorging the Bitcoin node on the testnet server.