Blockstack Team Weekly Updates - Week 8 (Feb 18-24)

This is what some of us at Blockstack PBC worked on the prior week.

Wins of the week:

  • Timothy Wells signed with us! He will join us starting April 1 as QA Engineer from GitHub.
  • Launched public AMI on AWS for user-controlled gaia-hubs. Details here. – this was a lot of work and well executed

Last week updates:

  • We did PR reviews for:
    • blockstack.js v19,
    • Gaia docker and AWS deployment, and others.
  • We performed bug fixes for the Blockstack Windows app
  • 57 Apps fully registered for app mining
  • We worked on improvements to
  • We published weekly email and made App Mining announcements | Ours| ProductHunts
  • We built support for notifications in Radiks, and implemented it in the sample app
  • Future events:
    • We confirmed meetups on 3/13 in Seattle with Hank Stoever, 3/20 Node.js with Gina Abrams and Matt Little, 3/26 in Sydney remote presentation, 3/27 in Toronto with Ken Liao, 3/30 in Hong Kong at Lightning Hack Day with Larry Salibra.
    • We reached out for speaking opps at events globally, i.e. Ethereal, Distributed, Web Summit, Consensus, etc and on your 2.0 follow-up.
  • Events
    • We had a crypto token Meetup in Seattle
    • Xan Spoke at the Harvard Business School Blockchain and Crypto event, on a panel discussing “Crossing the chasm” about mainstream adoption, alongside MakerDAO, The Block, 0x, and Tweet here
  • Blog post:
  • Continued work on issues and improvements for the browser
  • We released new documentation and AMI support for Gaia generally and end-user hubs specifically
  • Reviewed user testing videos on file for current registration flow.
  • We worked on sunsetting Onename.
  • We sent out belated Evangelist call minutes