Blockstack Team Weekly Updates for 1/7-1/11

(This is the email Muneeb sent to all of us at Blockstack. I’m posting on behalf of Muneeb, edited to remove sensitive information)

Hey everyone,

From this week I’ll be sending weekly updates.

I was in Hong Kong most of last week and came back from there more energized than ever.

Wins of the week:

  • HK Decentralized the World Tour was a success with some great speakers like Nick Grossman (USV), Dan Jeffries (Hackernoon), George Gilder (Life After Google), Bonnie Cheung (500 Startups) and 200+ attendees, 100 on a live stream. Larry publicly mentioned his new startup (spin-out from Blockstack PBC) for the first time and talked about why browsers (user-agents) are important and Jude gave an excellent overview of Stacks blockchain v2.
  • Ashley Smith, formerly marketing lead of Github and CMO of GitLab, has signed on to be a consultant/advisor for us. She’ll be actively working on various aspects of marketing
  • We’re excited to have TryMyUI as officially the 3rd App Reviewer!
  • Q1 OKRs are now finalized with leads. We're off to the races.

Last week updates:

This week we have our Q4 board meeting. Looking forward to a productive week!


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