Blockstack Team Weekly Updates for 1/28-2/1

Wins of the week:

Last week updates:

  • OKR 1 - Quality Assurance

    • Selenium end-to-end integration tests for user signup flow are up, more to come.
    • There has been progress on automated runs for Github pull requests.
    • blockstack.js v18.3 RC1 release (with bug fixes)
  • App Mining

    • 54 apps in Feb ranking
    • Second iteration of designs and work estimates planned for administration app with team.
    • Backlog issues reviewed and triaged for
    • Voters onboarding calls
    • Synced with TryMyUI on process improvements
    • Another round of feedback and updates on content. We shared that content with the design freelancers at Zensite to generate more ideas on how to handle the visual design.
    • Added tickets and epics to the App Mining repo. Mostly to spark a discussion around the next app reviewers.
  • Developer platform

    • Started early planning that would serve as a reference implementations.
    • Continued progress towards release candidate for revocation ability for Gaia authentication tokens. PR in final review.
  • Industry Awareness

    • Continued work on event presence and speaking opps at several larger events and hackathons. Added more events to the calendar. Consensus, etc. and confirmed exhibitor space at Consensus.
    • Ken did a presentation at JS Tech talk
    • Put out a talk recap of William Mougayar’s HK talk this past Thursday (link here)
  • OKR 7 - Improved consumer UX

    • Beta versions of Browser and blockstack.js released, addressing authentication-related bugs and protocol handling improvements
    • Reviewed comparative user testing videos of Lisk’s onboarding flow
    • Reviewed seed-based design candidates for our onboarding flow
    • Reviewed design improvement of apps on Browser homepage
    • Completed work on gaia local installation for testing/development
  • OKR 8 - Open-source engagement

    • Closed a couple of external PRs on docs and animal kingdom.
    • A contributing guide for blockstack.js is online. Here
  • Operations/Misc:

  • Hiring:

  • Onename Shutdown

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