Blockstack Team Weekly Update 10.29-11.2

Weekly Update 10.29-11.2

Here’s what some of us at Blockstack PBC worked on last week! :smiley:


  • Discussion around supporting user-hosted Gaia hubs


  • Updated blockstack.js PR around scoped auth tokens, based on feedback from Aaron. Link here
  • Looked at Blockstack.js bug with validating LinkedIn proof. Fixing this will unblock the validateProofs PR in iOS to be merged in. Fix for this also going out early next week.
  • Send PR to add support for changing the OP_RETURN magic bytes when generating transactions (makes it possible to interact with Blockstack test virtualchains).

Blockstack CLI

  • Make it possible to send “test virtualchain” transactions that will be picked up by corresponding test-virtualchain Blockstack Core nodes.


  • iOS SDK authentication methods to build your own sign in flow. PR going out for that early this week.
  • Worked with Friedger to ship a new release 0.4.1 of Android SDK

Blockstack Core

  • Release v20 with genesis block
  • Make it possible to launch a “test virtualchain” network with an alternative starting block height, alternative genesis block, and alternative OP_RETURN “magic bytes” identifier.
  • Begin implementing the next-generation version of Blockstack Core in Rust


  • Wrote an example Rails app 2 with Blockstack auth and a tutorial to go with it. Mary is reviewing it to eventually live on our docs site.
  • Updates to the meta data and some tweaks on the backend of docs site
  • Closing out the PR that moved the tutorials from to
  • Completed features on the tutorial sample app. What remains is cleaning up the code and design and adding instructions.


  • Investor/Community Update sent — available here
  • newsletter created
  • Deployed chat support to field questions on


  • Identified current open roles they are: senior recruiter, head of engineering, head of marketing, full-stack engineer, UI engineer, designer and controller. Job descriptions have been updated and can be found here.