Blockstack Supportive Open Source License

Currently, I am publishing my apps using MIT license.
I was wondering whether there is a concept of licenses that allow to use and modify the code only as long as the resulting product does not transfer data to non-user owned servers. Any ideas?

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Wow, this is one of the best generative question I ever saw on this platform. Let’s modify MIT and create a license for decentralized apps!. @muneeb @jude any opinion?


Sounds like GPLv3 + an addendum. Keeps it open source & forced decentralized.

Although it also seems like it would be hard to enforce… dunno. Interesting idea though.

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Here it is:The Cryptographic Autonomy license!

a) You may not,… limit a third party from independently Processing User Data in which they have a Possessory Interest;

b)…You must also provide a copy of any User Data in your possession to a third party having a Possessory Interest in such User Data at no charge;

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