Blockstack Summit is offering discounted tickets to Consensus Scholars

There has been an important conversation happening recently regarding diversity in the bitcoin community. Multiple surveys have shown bitcoin users to be overwhelmingly white and male - results which do not reflect the global nature of this technology. MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and CoinDesk are working together to address this disparity by collaborating with organizations such as CODE2040, Girls Who Code, the Microsoft-sponsored TEALS programme, and the National Center for Women & Information Technology to provide fifty Consensus 2015 diversity scholarships to women and people of color between 18 and 25 years of age.

Blockstack Summit organizers are also now working with MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative to support diversity at our own event by offering Consensus Scholars a 50% discount on tickets to Blockstack Summit, bringing the price down to $25. We welcome all Consensus Scholars who are interested in decentralized application development to attend Blockstack Summit, and are happy to say that they will be joining a wonderfully diverse range of speakers and attendees who have already registered for the event.

If you know of any under-represented communities who would be interested in attending Blockstack Summit, please have them email a quick introduction to blockstack [at] and we will be happy to discuss offering discounted tickets to their group as well.