Blockstack Returning An Empty Profile


I am integrating BlockStack into an application.
when I log in with blockstack then I approve the connection the showprofile should print the profile but it doesn’t.

the problem is that the is empty while it is not.

when try the hello demo, the profile name shows up.

@MaherBTA Hello! Could you please post the exact versions for the different Blockstack components you are running and what OS you are developing on?

I am using MacOS Sierra. and with blockstack v0.16.0.
I will try the new release.

@MaherBTA We had a network hardfork to the 0.17.0 code last week so I have a feeling upgrading will fix this issue.

I upgraded to 0.17.1 still the same problem. on MacOs.

@MaherBTA When you lookup your name on is there a zonefile section?

I asked in another topic if I need to buy a NAMES ? or I can display the name just by configuring it in the blockstack profile?