Blockstack requires Dropbox which is blocked in China

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I thought that in blockstack environment,We can still visit some apps and websites not relying DNS protocol,You know,China has blocked YouTube and Dropbox ,Google drive,and only Amazon drive,one drive still work in China.and only using VPN ,I can connected with Dropbox.In blockstack environment,I cannot connected with Dropbox.

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One more thing,Besides helloblockstack this website,do you have more apps based on blockstack,I saw helloblockstack still has a domain name,if it not has a custom domain name,how can I browse helloblockstack?

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    I already have a website,and have a server,it’s a Q&A website,how can I move this website on blockstack,or do I need rebuild a new one?

Hi @Yummyblock !
Yes! I live in China too so totally understand the problem you’re describing.

I’ve created a github issue to track this issue:

Are you a developer? Would you be interested in helping to write a driver?

App domain names are coming soon.

You could add support for Blockstack authentication as a start. Similar to how we have added support for Blockstack authentication on this forum. You can see an example in the plugin for this forum: