Blockstack Profile overwritten

A question from a “simple” user:

  1. I got my within the on my windows PC.
  2. I connected my twitter and github account to my id
  3. I connected to my by means of my android tablet.
  4. My profile was empty, no verified accounts anymore.

I know I am walking around in an decentralized world now. But what can I do as a user to keep my profile stable without editing a json file anywhere?

Thank you in advance


Your twitter account is at least still connected as I can see it in your profile.json here:

It may be a visual glitch for why it is not showing up, but maybe @larry can help.

Hey Andreas,

Did this happen after your were prompted to update the Blockstack Browser? There is a known issue open here:


As far as I can remember: on the tablet it was the first time I used blockstack auth at all. I downloaded it for the first time. So what you mentioned might be the case. Thank you for fixing the issue with the next update.

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