Blockstack Profile.json Corruption

I’ve been experiencing corruption of my Blockstack profile in the past three weeks in two different ways:

  1. Logging into the test environment of a particular app on Web. My profile will show show the app and work correctly, but then the next day, it will disappear. I’ve been able to reproduce that three times and will provide more details shortly.

  2. Working from Stealthy mobile, I used the webview to log in to another Blockstack App (Travelstack in this case, but I don’t think it’s particular to that App:

  • restored the Blockstack browser
  • denied permission for the default Blockstack ID
  • added a second ID which is the one I wish to use
  • it didn’t show the ID though, just the corresponding address
  • I clicked on that to log in to Travelstack, which displayed my name as ‘Nameless Person’
  • I logged out of Travelstack and back in
  • It still showed ‘Nameless Person’, but did show

I’m creating this post to start tracking this issue and coming up with a set of STR etc. @jude and I discussed scenario #1 at the Blockstack summit and in subsequent chats. I’ll be trying some of his suggestions and documenting them here.

This image shows my profile before and after the event described in #2 occured:

@larry @jude @aaron & @yukan if you have any suggestions, please weigh in. Thanks.

Sidenote: in order to restore the apps property array in my profile with an entry for Stealthy, I had to log in and out on desktop stealthy. Doing so on mobile did not force creation of an entry. This might not be an issue in the new iOS SDK.

I haven’t seen this exact issue but something close. I’ve seen the loadUserData method return a profile that didn’t actually match my profile.json file. Might be related, so I’m adding it here.

Here is what it looks like when I call loadUserData on my account:

TravelStack is the only listed app, but here is what my actual profile.json file looks like if I go grab it outside the app:

The only commonality I see is that in both’s case and mine, TravelStack is the one app remaining in the profile.

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First of all, I really hope that this is not something I’m wrongfully doing on Travelstack :slight_smile: if it is let me apologize in advance.

I’ve also experienced this issue but thought it might have been some problem with the loadUserData() call. If there’s some way I can help debug this issue please let me know.


Taking a look at this now to see if I can replicate it. Thanks for the reports @alvesjtiago @jehunter5811

Will update when I have more info!

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I see the same issue with this @jehunter5811 - I made a brief issue here and will pass it off to the browser team to see if they can diagnose and resolve:


The issue @jehunter5811 reported was fixed in Blockstack Browser release v0.31.1.

Thanks @aaron & @yukan for the quick turnaround time and to @jehunter5811 and for bringing this issue to our attention!


So good to see my smiling face in my profile image again when I log into apps :grinning:

Thanks for the quick fix!


Thank you all for getting this squared away so quickly :+1:

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@larry I’m not sure this fixed Alex’s problem. It seems his issue may have been separate. I discovered this when doing that public document AMA through Graphite. Alex shared a public document but I couldn’t load it. As I dug in, I checked his profile.json for the id he shared from and there is no listed even though he was clearly using Graphite. Here’s the profile:

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I think you’re right Justin. I had this problem with your netlify staging area and would have to log in / out / in to correct the profile. I was hoping that previous fix addressed this, but perhaps not.

Interestingly, the netlify link remains, but now the proper Graphite app link has been dropped.

@larry, it’s not clear to me how to reproduce this unfortunately, but it does happen. @jude said something to me along the lines of it possibly being related to the browser saving a cached version of the profile or corrupting the profile (I’m awful at paraphrasing so hopefully @jude can fill in the blanks here on that theory).