home page content changes

There are two points that we need to make clear to our audience with our messaging that we currently do not have on the latest iteration of content on the home page

  1. Build apps that cannot go down
  2. Blockstack is blockchain agnostic

Also, a couple of things that we are skirting around with our content;

  • In the section New internet. New browser experience., we should add a paragraph descriptor that says… “Introducing Blockstack Portal, your access to the new decentralized internet.” Then show the Portal product with the three columns underneath
  • The section “The Blockstack app platform is here today” does not convey to me that the project will be around tomorrow and why will it? I feel we should have a paragraph descriptor that says, “Blockstack is a platform that is working today and will be around for decades to come as the project is funded with a very long runway”
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@ryan Nice update…

Can we change, “…maintained by a well-funded team.” to “…maintained by a well-funded community.”

Also, do we feel that being blockchain agnostic is not of value? I don’t see any reference to that on the home page