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With help from @glepage on the branding side of things, I finally got around to setting up a Medium publication for the Blockstack community. So far it just has my reviews from Blockstack Summit, but I’d like to add more posts from the Blockstack community as well.

Topics include:

  • Blockstack events.
  • Blockstack software updates
  • Blockstack apps
  • Blockchain insights
  • Highlights from the Blockstack forum or Slack

If you have any posts on Medium that you’d like to have added to the Blockstack publication, please follow the instructions here for submitting your post.

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This is awesome! I’m going to submit a couple of posts right now. Let’s keep it a really high quality publication while staying inclusive to community members. Really excited about this :slight_smile:

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Yeah I’ll happily contribute posts as well. How does the invite system work?

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Just send me your Medium username and I’ll add you as a writer. After that, you can submit your draft or final posts to me by clicking on the three-dots icon at the bottom of your post and clicking “submit to publication.”

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Hi @light! @cryptowanderer is my username there too, would love to contribute as well!

@light I’m larrysalibra on medium

@cryptowanderer @larry added you both as writers to the publication! All you have to do is follow the directions for submitting to a publication and I can approve your posts. Only guideline is the posts have to fit into the topics listed in the OP. Thanks!

Great idea to add the community to the blockstack medium blog @light. :smile:

UPDATE: After a community vote, we decided to name the publication The Blockstack Review. The new link is:

@light can you update the link in your post as well? Thanks!


I definitely think we should reconsider the name “The Blockstack Review” for SEO reasons. I propose we change the name to something that search engines are more likely to pick up like Blockstack Blog. Also, what are we reviewing?

Guy the “review” is in reference to:

MIT Technology Review

Harvard Business Review

Just a name for the publication. Just like MIT TechReview covers technology in general. Blockstack Review covers blockstack related technologies.

Here are other examples of Medium publications:



The Nib

Humans + Bits + Blocks

I don’t think putting the word “blog” in there is important. Everything is a blog.

@muneeb, I totally get the intension. I still feel the only thing about those examples that are different than our community is that they are not intended for everyone. or as seen in “Humans + Bits + Blocks”, they are ineffective. All of those including;

are not for the “everyman” developer so they is no worry about SEO. If we are ok with a small community of 1,000-10,000 developers max then this is a good strategy.

Also, Harvard Review is an actual physical magazine that started as an invitation only subscription that was a weekly/monthly review of all the goings on. So it should not be included on this list.

Marketing 101. Do not make things more complex unless there is a good reason.

Third time is a charm :laughing:

@glepage if you want to change the URL of the publication then you will have to re-create the publication with the desired URL from your Medium account and then re-add all of the brand assets and posts that Ryan, Muneeb, Andy, and I have added to the current publication.

BTW I just found this Discourse blog post about a new polling feature they have added. Maybe we can vote on what we think the URL of the Blockstack publication should be? In any case, it’s good to know this exists so we can use it for future collective decisions that must be made.

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