BlockStack on HashGraph?

Is it possible to build a blockstack to run on hashgraph instead of blockchain?

Yes. If it works, I am highly sceptical. It seems glorified p2p network with 0 security.

Did you look at the SDK? Would be nice to confirm if hasgraph is as good as they claim. They do have some big clients using it already so I assume it’s legit.

I finally got around to reading more about Hashgraph today as well. I too think it sounds interesting but the fact that it is not open source (as far as I can tell) is a major blocker to me. As a result of being preparatory their idea of success seems to be profit focussed rather than community focused. The community first focus of Blockstack (as talked about by the founders) has always been a draw to me so I wonder if it might be less of a technical issue and more of a philosophical outlook issue that would stop the use of Hashgraph even if it was a superior technology.

If it is a great as they say though I wouldn’t be surprised to see an open source clone at some point in future if they don’t eventually open source it themselves.

(Please do correct me if I am misinformed in anyway. Links appreciated)

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Although, looks like you might be able to build your own implementation based on description:

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No, and why would you want to? Hashgraph (next generation distributed ledger technology) is built on the Swirlds platform which is faster, scalable, secure and fair.

As I understand it, Swirlds (shared worlds platform) will also be rolled out later this year as a free ‘open source’ platform for developers to build apps. Funding for the Swirlds / Hashgraph project came from enterprise, when the two math PhD co-founders (Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon) from Texas beat out IBM to win a huge contract for credit unions.

Find out more in this interview with Mance Harmon, co-founder & CEO.

It also appears that building apps with Hashgrah might be easier to accomplish than using blockchain / ethereum decentralized ledger platforms. Every blockchain has its dictator which could also be a point of failure, whereas Hashgraph is a data structure and consensus algorithm.

See also:

A couple of issues with Hashgraph:

  • Just a p2p network with no consensus protocol, they would need to implement a consensus protocol: POW, POS, or Paxos/Raft. They have “Famous” nodes that they say deals with this, but no plan for how to deal with network partitions between those nodes.
  • Not Open Source or peer reviewed.
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Not ‘yet’ open sourced, but that is in the works. You might want to refer to this URL for more information about Swirlds Hashgraph Consensus

Even if open-sourced, IT IS PATENTED …
This is very toxic !

Also to run a node you need a permission !

This pure vaporware with huge PR and hype!

Has the opinion changed about HashGraph since the announcement of Hedera, a public DLT ? The founders have a background at Ping Identity and I believe were involved with OpenID Connect. They also will support smart contracts (backend code?!?!) and a distributed file system with a whole crytopeconmics model to keep the network honest. It still appears to be young and no source code to review yet, but it seems to be very promising tech!

Would it be possible to integrate BlockStack and Hedera in the future via the virtual blockchain architecture?

@jude Will there possibly be a Hashgraph driver made available for Blockstack?

So after the DAG hype it’s hashgraph’s turn?

There is also this

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