Blockstack Milestone 2

Now that Blockstack has hit Milestone 1 and is looking forward to Milestone 2, I’m sure the community is interested in helping. To do so, it’s important to understand what the milestone actually means.

The Milestone 2 goal, as I understand it, is 1 million users. But what is a user? Is that someone with a Blockstack ID? Is that someone who has used a Blockstack app?

Looking forward to some clarity on this to help do my part in driving that growth :slight_smile:


Congrats on achieving 1st milestone.
Yes, if we get clarity then it helps community in steering towards the next milestone and contribute better.

Stats from today. Probably there should be a upwards pointing line

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Thanks for bringing this up and offering to help! The topic of Milestone 2 has been coming up more recently inside PBC as well now that we’ve hit Milestone 1. And the question of how we define users is certainly on our minds – I’m not particularly sure myself, but I’ll ask internally to learn and share more.

Also @friedger we’ve been having some issues with the homepage of the explorer not always loading all the data it should. I think your screenshot captures that problem with the empty graph, which should be going up. cc @hank