Blockstack.js v18.0.0 Release Planning

As part of our abbreviated July 2nd sprint, we’re going to make a v18.0.0 release of blockstack.js.

I’ve start a github project board for the release which you can view here:

We have two outstanding pull requests marked as “works in progress” that I propose we also try to address during this sprint time permitting:

One regarding improved error messages that @hank started working on:

and a second integrating wallet functionality that was waiting on decisions about key-derivation paths:

I will also take some time to go through our issues and pull out any others that I think can be addressed in this release.

If you have any major issues (no additional feature requests for this sprint), please let me know in this thread.


This sounds like a great plan, but is the major version bump necessary? Or can this be a minor version? (Are there breaking changes?)

I was planning to bump the major version because decentralized identifiers will change:

An alternative is to make the change by adding a field instead of changing the value.

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Okay – that works.

Another issue we should try to resolve before the release:

This is related to some general dependency maintenance (e.g., node-fetch isn’t an actual top-level dependency, it’s just a child dependency) that we should probably also do (i.e., run npm audit and update packages).

Great idea. Added an issue: