Blockstack iOS SDK Error v 1.0.1

Requirement : I am trying to build App using Blockstack iOS SDK.

I am using this steps to install library in to Xcode project.

  • Created Xcode project
  • Created pod file using ‘pod init’ command
  • added pod ‘Blockstack’ library
  • ‘pod install’ using terminal.

What is working

  • I am successfully able to install Blockstack SDK in Xcode project.

What is not working.

  • I am trying to build the Xcode project after install Blockstack SDK. But I can’t able to build successfully just because of undeclared class.

I am getting errors in following class.

Blockstack.Swift - line no 39, 944,119
39 - Use of undeclared type ‘ASWebAuthenticationPresentationContextProviding’
944 - Use of undeclared type ‘ASPresentationAnchor’
119 - authSession.presentationContextProvider = self

Please help us if i did missed anything to integrate the library.