Blockstack ID

I’ve logged in and I’ve verified two of my accounts so now my account is a level 2 and is showing 60% complete. Is this enough to register for the token sale or do I need to have 100%? I am having problems with Instagram and FB.

That is enough. You only need one proof in fact, but more is better.

I did registration with only one, but have added many now, plus my, but none of that is necessary and I added that all after registration.

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Yup! Having a Blockstack ID is optional, and only one social proof is required to participate in the token sale.

Hi Have verified both LinkedIn and Facebook I don’t see anything happening

Verifying my BLockstack ID is secured with the address 1LbKpnskgNDruiJUA19WXxyWZdXJuheGdP

@mnsana1225: Please don’t add more than one message or thread. It’s makes it harder to help one-on-one. :slight_smile:

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Hi Odinho,

Understood. I’m just desperate to register as the deadline approaches and still don’t know exactly what to do to verify through Facebook and/or LinkendIn.

Thank you