Blockstack ID with Swarm Storage

The members in community wanted to make use of Blockstack Auth ID and have storage pointed to Swarm. They want this integration opportunity to be addressed.

Any pointers, how to make use of Swarm as storage with Blockstack Auth.

By Swarm, you’re referring to this project, yea?

@jude I presume we’d need a Gaia driver to get this to work? Are you familiar with Swarm?

Yes @markmhendrickson
Faidata Society is using Ethereum and Swaram. They wanted to make use of Blockstack Auth.

Yes, we’d need a Gaia driver if you wanted to use it natively.

To clear the air… I am the one who asked this requirement to Shankar. has nothing to do with this… I am from my personal requirement want to see a Gaia driver for swarm.

Zahoor, Thanks for clarification.