Blockstack ID Profile Photo Issue

Hi there

I can’t seem to save a photo vs. my Blockstack ID. Thus, when I sign into apps like Stealthy there is no picture of me coming through. Are there some requirements re profile pic that I am violating without knowing it?

Please help.


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Hi @graywebb,

The size of your profile photo should be under 5MB as the default storage provider does not accept files larger than that. When you upload your profile photo, it should be saved and displayed when you log into an app. Have you updated your browser to our latest release and tried to re-upload?

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Hi @sebastian - thanks for the reply.

  • File size is 1MB
  • Running latest version of Blockstack (updated yesterday)
  • Blockstack browser “ID” page refuses to show my profile pic!
  • Other apps - e.g. Stealthy - do not show profile pic either


  • indicate max file size of 5MB (for now, whilst storage is default)?
  • indicate progress upload?

Any other ideas it is not uploading?


Thank you for the feedback, @graywebb. Have you tried hard refreshing your browser or restoring your keychain from your backup passphrase, then re-uploading your profile photo? If this doesn’t resolve the issue, feel free to reach out to [email protected] and we can troubleshoot further.