Blockstack ID for Organisations

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I´d like to create a Blockstack ID for the company I work for. Is the Blockstack ID concept also for organisations?
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I don’t want to put words in Blockstack people mouth but I guess yes, an ID is and ID, I don’t think they really care if it’s a private person of an org, I mean uses the .podcast ID.


You can create a blockstack ID for whatever you want.

Organization ID’s make a lot of sense. At the moment (as far as I know) it isn’t possible to have a name be owned by a multi-sig address - that would allow multiple people to have control over it in your organization. This might be something that will be enabled with Blockstack’s upcoming smart contracting language. @aaron might have more info on this.

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You can totally use a P2SH multi-sig address for name ownership today! It just requires that you implement a lot of the features of a multi-sig wallet on your own. You’d need to implement a signer class that matches this interface:

This could be done using bitcoinjs-lib. However, once you’ve implemented that, the signer would be able to issue PREORDERs, REGISTERs, UPDATEs, etc. I think that the biggest stumbling block will be validating a profile.json object from the multi-sig address.

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Another option for an “organization ID” is to use subdomains, and a subdomain registrar. You could register “” and then setup a subdomain registrar to give employees free subdomains, like “”.

I guess this all just depends on your use-case.

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