Blockstack ID Calculator

I created a simple program called Utilidapp that enables you to search for a Blockstack ID and see when it should expire. It also allows you to see how much the name will cost to register and if it’s even available.

I still need help on the async calls, as you sometimes have to press the submit button twice if the satoshis for ID didn’t update before the USD for ID function runs.

Here’s the Github link for the code. Please feel free to do a PR if you think we can make this better. I ultimately want this to be something for the Blockstack community at large if we can find something that’ll make the user experience a little bit better, especially for new users. That’s why I think it’s useful because it lets you know when your ID will expire or how much one will even cost in USD.

Please leave feedback if you have anything and if you can make the code better please submit a PR to the Github repo. Thanks!


And as always a big shoutout to my guru @dant for sending me countless messages on Slack, talking to me on the phone, and doing ALL of the JQUERY work. He’s truly the man and the epitome of what an evangelist should be. Thanks, buddy!


Good work @Kitsana and much needed one for regular IDs.

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Thank you! Please let me know if you see any improvements that could be made.

This is really cool!

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Nice work, thanks for the great contribution and keeping it simple and easy to use!

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I love this @Kitsana! Great work!

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Awesome, love it @Kitsana!

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This is super cool @Kitsana! :smiley:

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Awesome! definitely needed.

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Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.