Blockstack Hello World Tutorial Out of Date

Hi, I just debugged my login on for the latest changes to blockstack.js (0.13.6) and noticed the hello world blockstack tutorial is still saying

var authRequest = blockstack.makeAuthRequest(null, window.location.origin)

I checked the todo list tutorial and it looks to have been corrected there. I found passing a null private key into makeAuthRequest now throws an exception so this can be potentially frustrating - I’ve written a blog post here detailing the differences!



Just found another small glitch. I went to revisit the todo list application and fell over cloning the repo, see tutorial site

git clone [email protected]:blockstack/blockstack-todos.git


Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

The http method worked fine.

git clone

I mainly use bitbucket who have different security settings for ssh vs http downloads so imagine it’s something similar.

Just thought I’d let you know while I’m in there.